Posted by: jennclimenhaga | March 19, 2010

Mare’s War

Davis, Tanita S.  Mare’s War.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 2009.  Print.

Octavia and Tali have the unfortunate task of spending their summer holidays accompanying their eccentric grandmother across the United States  in order to attend a family reunion.  Soon though, the tale of their grandmother’s role in World War II captures their imagination as they start to understand the adversities that their grandmother faced as a young African American women growing up in the 1940’s.

As this tale wove in and out of the past and present, I was acutely aware of my ignorance in one of the most fascinating parts of World War II; the role of women in areas such as the U.S. Women’s Army Corps.  Although this book brought a distinctly American point of view, I still found it engaging with good characterization.  This would be an interesting novel to use in the classroom to examine the history of racial discrimination in the United States.


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