Posted by: jennclimenhaga | March 10, 2011

The Glass Castle

Walls, Jeannette.  The Glass Castle: a memoir. Toronto:  Scribner, 2006.  Print.

In this touching memoir, we enter the world of Jeannette Walls and her voyage to survive a childhood less ordinary than most.  With an alcoholic father and a mother with a altered view of reality, Jeannette and her siblings must do what they can for each other.  From spending her youth dumpster diving for food or hiding money from her parents, to living on Park Ave. in New York City, Jeannette defeats the odds and survives.

Captivating and honest, The Glass Castle reads like fiction, but as we often know, truth is often stranger.  In addition to this book being full of hardship, it is also full of warmth and sincerity as the reader learns that love can really be a garbage bag full of small bills won in a poker game; or the brightest star in the sky given as a gift on Christmas Eve.



  1. Was this author on Oprah at one point?

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