About Jenn

I am a teacher librarian at a high school in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I love reading, and felt that it was important to not only record what I have read, but have the list accessible to others. I will read just about anything.  If it sits on my bookshelf long enough, I will probably pick it up.

I started this “book bag” book blog after becoming increasingly irritated when I would pick up a book I’d already read. Sometimes I would be 100+ pages into a book, and suddenly that deja vu feeling would hit me. Of course there are always those favourites that I don’t mind reading more than once, but for the most part, I like to broaden my horizons, so to speak, and pick out new books just waiting to be read.

Because I am not limited to the realm of adult fiction, I find that some of the best books that I have read are written specifically for young adult audiences.  As a reader, and as a librarian, I urge you to try any book that you may find interesting – there are pages of fantasy, science fiction, suspense, and intrigue just waiting for eyes to devour them!


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