Posted by: jennclimenhaga | March 2, 2011

The Librarian Returns


Ah, to be back at my desk!  For those of you who read this blog and know me, you will  know that I’ve taken a ten month hiatus to spend my time reflecting on something totally  unrelated…getting beyond a diagnosis of breast cancer.  After spending ten months away  from my desk, my work, and sharing my love of literature, I’m ready to return to the  world of blogging!

I read a lot of books in the past ten months, not all of them were fiction, a lot were treatment related, and some were ones that were sitting on my shelf for years.  However, with the hope of keeping my sanity I have decided not to blog about any of them.  Instead, I’m going to start off with a fresh slate, with the hopes of reading and blogging about some fabulous reads that are still in my future (which I’m anticipating will last a long long time.)



  1. Welcome back Jenn. I am looking forward to the fabulous reads that you will share with us.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your favorite reads. Xxx

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